J. Nat. Prod., 67, 1744 (2004)

In this article a lupane derivative (compound-#1) is given. The C-NMR data are displayed in CSEARCH as follows:

Original data

In this display the 'on-the-fly-check' using CSEARCH-NN-Technology is activated, which highlights 4 positions within the p-hydroxybenzoyl-moiety. The shiftvalues from the article are shown below:


The next slide shows the differences between experimental values and predicted ones, which reveals a significant difference in a well-seperated spin-system.


In the paper the claim 'Compound 1 is the first example of a lupane attached to a p-hydroxybenzoyl moiety' is given on page 1745 - according to my opinion the p-hydroxybenzoyl moiety is based on very pure analytical data.

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