Typo or already Insight ?

All screenshot from Feb 16th, 2022

A review on "Prediction of chemical shift in NMR" was published by Jonas, Kuhn and Schlörer in "Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry"

Table 1 in this paper shows the development of the prediction quality over 3 decades - a short sequence is given in the screenshot below.

It is interesting to note that the guys responsible for "NMRShiftDB(2)" name their own system "nmrshitdb2" !

Note added on March 25th, 2022 / Screenshot from March 25th, 2022

Here you can read the interesting statement:

".... The core of nmrshitdb2 are fully assigned spectra with raw data and peak lists ...."

Its really "nmrSHITdb2" - please see above / line 4

  • The people responsible for this database are unable to name their own system on their own homepage in a correct way
  • This database is intended as world-wide repository for NMR-spectra
  • This project was heavily supported by public funding - the money comes from the German taxpayers
  • I strongly recommend a more serious peer-reviewing within the NFDI4Chem initiative !

Now I am convinced, its definitely already insight ..... "

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