Phytochemistry, 63, 415 (2003)

In this article the compound 11-pentacosanone (CAS-RN: 596814-07-2) is described; according to a search using SCIFinder, this article is the only occurence of this particular compound. In the text, this compound is named '11-pentacosanone' whereas in the experimental part '1-pentacosanone' is used. This typo is the smaller problem, the more disturbing fact is, that the carbonyl-carbon is given at 178.0ppm (expected around 211ppm) - either the authors didnt recognize a 'folding' in a FT-spectrum or - more probable - the structure is wrong. Such a ketone having two long-chain alkyl-substituents should give signals at 42-43ppm for the alpha-position with respect to the carbonyl and around 24ppm for the beta position. There is no such signal available at 43ppm, the signal is at 24.7ppm is misassigned to C-2/C-24 respectively.

Therefore my personal conclusion is: Simply ignore these data !

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